About Us

We are a physician-led company founded in 2008. Initially, we provided medical credentialing services to limited specialties. Over the years, Credentialing.com has experienced significant growth, gaining expertise in provider insurance credentialing, medical credentialing, and medical billing in all 50 states. As of 2020, we have served over 8,000 clients with thousands of providers across various medical practice areas. We initially offered credentialing services and expanded to provide additional services such as Revenue Cycle Management (Medical Billing) and other practice startup services for the medical and behavioral health community.

A group of experienced physicians and healthcare providers owns Credentialing.com. It was formed solely to enhance the existing credentialing services based on our client’s feedback and requests for other services and to grow into a complete practice solutions company, including all related services mentioned above. We have great confidence in our Lynchburg, Virginia-based team’s combined experience in the above services and have already made progress in some areas. With your support, we hope to be successful in our endeavors.
Call us at (855) 247-8482 to see how we can assist you with your healthcare business needs! We would love to speak with you!

Why Choose Credentialing?

We understand that keeping you and your client's personal information secure is a priority. Our team is HIPAA certified, and we use a state-of-the-art software system to keep your data private and safe.

Our team consists of experienced professionals who are trained in all things healthcare. We have developed systematic procedures to expedite your projects to provide a great customer service experience.

You are assigned a designated specialist for your project.  This leaves less room for errors and confusion while increasing efficiency.  You will have frequent and transparent communication with your specialist that is regularly scheduled. 

From the beginning of the project, we strive to provide you with realistic time frames for your process. While we can not guarantee a timeline, we fight to speed things up whenever possible. Our specialists are held accountable for contacting you regularly to give you personal updates.

There are no hidden or set-up fees for our services; we only charge for our work. We know this can be a big investment as you start your new practice. For this reason, we offer volume discounts based on the number of payers.

Credentialing and Billing require significant training and experience. Our team of specialists is highly trained and effective in their work, with an average experience of over 3 years and expertise in handling insurance panels in all 50 US states.


The credentialing vision is to become an integral part of our client’s business by providing all healthcare-related innovative business solutions ranging from credentialing with insurance payors and hospital revenue cycle management.


To help our clients improve efficiency by reducing redundancy and variation, we develop innovative and automated healthcare and insurance-related documentation and practice management processes.


Commitment to the Client - Our client is the center of everything we do. We exist because of our clients, and that is primarily engrained in every aspect of our company. We believe each client has unique needs, and we strive to partner.

Our Core Values


Strive always to be positive, patient, dependable, and work with integrity and honesty.


Love and enjoy our work. We are committed to giving our all and our best with service in mind.


Rely on each other in accomplishing tasks and goals.


Aim to be highly productive and accurate. Follow all procedures to accomplish daily tasks to optimize time management. Continuous focus on process improvement.


Believe that creativity is fundamental for growth. Aspire to be research-minded, resourceful, and constructive in our development.


Always take ownership of duties and responsibilities. Strive to lead by example and show initiative towards new growth and advancement.