Large Medical Centers

What You Need to Know.

For healthcare providers across the country, getting credentialed with insurance companies can be a daunting and arduous process. Facility credentialing, however, makes individual provider credentialing look like child’s play. If you’re interested in having your facility credentialed please give us a call at toll free at 1-855-4-THRIVE (or 617-379-3485).

What is Facility Credentialing?

Facility credentialing is the process by which a health plan (insurance company) evaluates and then approves a facility to be “in network” with them and a participating provider of specific healthcare services. Don’t confuse a facility with a group practice. A group practice has a different, and much simpler, credentialing process.

What Types of Facilities Can be Credentialed?

To be credentialed as a facility, a healthcare organization will need to meet various and numerous standards, which usually includes a JCAHO certification, CARP certification or something equivalent. The type of organizations eligible for facility credentialing often include:

When Should a Facility Begin the Credentialing Process?

A facility should begin the credentialing process at least 120 days prior to when they wish to accept 3rd party payments (that is, payment from insurance companies).

For more information, or to learn more about how can help your organization with Facility Credentialing, contact us at 1-855-664-5154