How to Get on a Closed Insurance Panel

Is the insurance panel you want to get on closed? If so, then you still have a few options for getting on that panel, regardless.

When an insurance company says that they are not accepting new providers, the situation may actually be that they are only opening these panels up on a very limited basis. This means that you can write a letter of appeal to that company, explaining your situation.

When writing your appeal, the goal is to prove that your practice is a positive benefit for that insurance company. You can go about this in a number of ways:

1. “There is no one within 20 miles doing what I do.”

If your area is underserved, then the insurance company may see value in admitting your services. Do some research into the area and determine where you stand.

2. “I have specific expertise and services.”

If you have a niche service or high credentials, make these known to the insurance company.

3. “I provide therapy in a second language.”

Insurance companies view your versatility as a tremendous benefit to their clients, especially if you are in an area where that language is prominent.

4. “My services are desired.”

You may be frustrated because you’ve had many potential clients ask to use your services, but have been unable to use their insurance. If the insurance company sees that your practice is beneficial in the eyes of their clients, then that will make you desirable to the insurance company.

5. “Other practices on your panel refer patients to me.”

If the insurance company has an existing relationship with someone who refers clients to you, then this is a persuasive argument for the insurance company to open their panel to you.

6. “I have better hours than my competition.”

If you provide extended office hours or weekend appointments, make that known to the insurance company.

The above examples are just some of the ways that you can position your practice in a way that will get you on a closed insurance panel. Depending on what you have to offer, there may be even more methods at your disposal.

What do I do if the insurance panel really is closed?

Sometimes, panels are 100% closed, and you simply have to wait. Insurance companies typically re-evaluate their panels every 2 or 3 months so you may be able to get credentialed with them at some point.

At, one of our specialties is helping you appeal to insurance companies and getting you on closed panels. Our success rate is 65%, and it derives from our existing relationship and knowledge of these insurance companies coupled with our expertise in researching your practice and the area in which you serve.