Many insurance companies try to present the lowest reimbursing rates which are typically accepted by practices that do not know that they can negotiate the rates. Often times this is a quite long process that can take up to 4-6 months and sometimes over a year. Most practices do end up taking the rates that was initially offered by insurance providers when they start a new practice however during recredentialing process we strongly recommend that you should negotiate the rates.

We analyze and evaluate your current rates and contracts for a nominal fee and then we can advise you if you can renegotiate your current rates. We typically compare your rates to regional and national market standards. WE CANNOT GUARANTEE A HIGHER REIMBURSEMENT RATES.

*Insurance Contract Rate Negotiation is automatically included for all current clients who purchased a recredentialing plan with us.

** We negotiate Out of network Claims directly with insurance companies or third party pricing team for all UB04 claims for current medical billing clients.

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