Often times solo practitioners ask us if they can do their own billing? Yes, you can as long as you are very familiar with medical billing procedures, ICD/CPT code terminology, adding modifiers, familiar with EDI/ERA/EFT enrollment, have adequate time to do the billing and constantly follow the insurance updates every year. Most people (but not all) are not familiar with these rules so we strongly recommend all small to medium practices to outsource their medical billing. Working with the insurance payors can be tricky and frustrating often times. The only time you may consider bringing billing inhouse is when your high collections can support a team of over 7-8 FTE billers in your office. However for large practices, a low fee will still remain economical from a business stand point to outsource your billing.

It is of utmost importance to find the right billing company as less than 1/4th of the billing companies in the market provide a good quality billing. Outsourcing billing to the right billing company can be a great way to increase revenue, improve the efficiency and quality of your practice and give yourself more time to spend with your clients and less time having to deal with tedious paperwork. 

Our Billing Specialists help streamline your billing and coding processes, ultimately maximizing revenue through reduced errors and fewer unpaid claims. We are a customer focused company that has Billing Specialists dedicated to serving their clients. Our entire Medical Billing team works together to provide a streamlined and cohesive process to provide you with the best customer service possible!

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What is RCM?

Revenue Cycle Management is a professional name for Medical Billing Services that encompases a cycle of additional billing services along with the process of submitting claims to the insurance payors to receive reimbursement for the services you provided to your patients.

Our Billing Team can work with any EMR and have the expertise and experience to execute all aspects of RCM and be compatible with your current EMR.

Medical Billing at Credentialing.com means we will...

  • Daily claims entry
  • Electronic and paper claim submission
  • Dedicated follow-up
  • Claim correction and/or re-submission
  • Government, commercial and private billing
  • Monthly customized reports
  • Patient statements
  • Payment posting
  • Denial management
  • Tracking / claims management
  • Managing collections
  • Patient inquiries
  • A/R recovery


Our Billing Services are used by many different kinds of providers, including but not limited to the following:

  • Small and Large Practices
  • Behavioral Health Providers
  • Solo Physicians
  • Physician Groups
  • Hospital-owned Physician Practices and Groups
  • Surgery Centers
  • In-home health services providers
  • Urgent Cares
  • DME companies
  • Laboratories


We specialize in Aging A/R recovery. Insurance accounts receivables is a common problem within all types of medical practices. This causes a reduction in cash flow and loss of revenue. We pursue every old claim by assigning our dedicated team of Aging A/R specialists. Even if you don’t want to outsource your entire billing, we can help you with your aging A/R. If your in-house billing team can’t keep up with Aging, we can help! Please refer to our sister company Claimpathsolutions.com for more details.

As a company that handles many healthcare professional services, Credentialing.com provides the greatest financial return through services that are transparent, trustworthy, and responsive. Credentialing.com main goal is to help you focus on your patients without having to focus on the administrative work. We want your practice to run more effectively and efficiently than ever! Consider us an extension of your office.

Our typical billing rates vary from 2.9% to 6.9% depending on multiple factors such as the total collections, per claim collections, self pay claims percentage, ICD/CPT Coding needs, VOB and Utilization review requirements etc. For a large medical practice who collects more than a million dollars per month who doesn't need comprehensive services is on the 3% range where as individual small practices such as solo therapy practice with collections around 5k-10k per month will be on the higher range.

Get an accurate Quote 

The quickest way to know the accurate cost of our medical billing services is to talk to one of our Business Development Specialists. At Credentialing.com, our team can give you a price quote quickly after analyzing your practice. Each provider has unique needs and we can help you figure out what those are and the best way to meet them.

Give us a call and let’s talk about your options. We’ll answer any questions or concerns you have about medical billing, no matter where you’re at in the process.

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