Insurers Most Likely to Have Incorrect Information About a Patient’s Deductible, According to Medical Billers

Are you a medical provider who’s looking to learn more about insurance companies? You’re in the right place. Here at, we understand how important it is for you to familiarize yourself with varying insurers—as doing so allows you to make important decisions about who you become affiliated with, which then enables your patients to pay for your services. Therefore, we sought out important information regarding different insurance companies including UnitedHealthcare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Magellan. More specifically, we asked 10 medical billers a series of questions pertaining to their experiences with these insurers, one being: Which insurance company is most likely to have incorrect information about a patient’s deductible?

As you read the corresponding results, keep the following in mind: there are many opportunities for something to go wrong. Numerous individuals record and review treatment and insurance information, any of whom may accidentally make a mistake or exclude important information that can lead to an insurer having incorrect information regarding a patient’s deductible. If or when mistakes do occur, insurers are often eager to correct that information immediately.

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As you can see in the chart above, opinions varied amongst the medical billers. However, Aetna received the highest percentage of votes, with 40% of those surveyed saying Aetna is most likely to have incorrect information regarding a patient’s deductible. Humana and Blue Cross Blue Shield followed, each receiving 20% of votes. And the remaining 20% was divided equally amongst TRICARE and UnitedHealthcare, each receiving 10 percent. You can review additional information about these insurance companies below.

Aetna (40% of votes)
Again, Aetna was voted by 40% of those surveyed as most likely to have incorrect information regarding a patient’s deductible. This company has been providing customers with beneficial products and services for over 160 years. According to Aetna’s Chairman, CEO, and President Mark Bertolini, the company’s core values—simplicity, focus, and connection—guide the team’s actions each day, “inspire innovation” in their services, and “drive [their] commitment” to excellence in everything they do.

Humana (20% of votes)
Humana received 20% of the medical billers’ votes. This company operates under the notion that insurers should be more than—they should go beyond the role of a provider. Therefore, they set out to empower each and every one of their customers and assist them in living healthy lives. These customers include self-employed individuals, as well as families, seniors, and military members. In any case, the team’s goal is to offer a unique plan for the customer’s unique needs.

Blue Cross Blue Shield (20% of votes)
When we asked 10 medical billers which company was most likely to have incorrect information about a patient’s deductible, Blue Cross Blue Shield also received 20% of votes. According to its website, this company insures one in three Americans. The Blue Cross Blue Shield team prioritizes corporate responsibility and prides itself on having a positive impact on the healthcare system in communities all across the country.

TRICARE (10% of votes)
TRICARE received a sliver of votes as well, coming in at 10 percent. This company provides healthcare coverage to uniformed service members, as well as retirees, and their families all around the world. In addition to health plans, TRICARE offers special programs, prescriptions, and dental plans to its customers, with the goal of enhancing our nation’s security by providing health support to those of military operations.

UnitedHealthcare (10% of votes)
Finally, UnitedHealthcare received the last 10% of votes. This company services millions of customers and is “working to create a system that is connected, aligned, and more affordable for all involved.” Additionally, UnitedHealthcare prioritizes care of high quality and its team members work to meet all of their customers’ unique needs—whether that customer is a young, working individual or one in retirement.

As we discussed earlier, many different individuals record and review a given patient’s information, which means there are numerous opportunities for error. However, if and when a mistake does occur, insurers typically work hard to correct it right away. That being said, the medical billers surveyed identified the above insurers as those most likely to have incorrect information regarding a patient’s deductible.

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