Introduction to CAQH ProView for Healthcare Providers and Practice Managers

CAQH ProView is a very reliable electronic solution and industry requirement to capture and share healthcare provider self-reported information.

Within CAQH ProView, over 1.4 million doctors and other healthcare providers currently input and manage a wide range of information.

CAQH ProView helps save time and resources for doctors and other providers. They utilize the agile workflow arrangement to key in information into the “provider profile” once. They can choose and allow organizations to receive information. With CAQH ProView, they will be able to submit information to various healthcare organizations(Insurance) in each of the US states.

It allows them to save data electronically and does not need paper submission. Their supporting documents can be uploaded directly to enhance the quality and promptness of completed applications.

With ProView, total control of information is managed with improved security aspects. Providers can self-register with the system before the application process is generated by a health plan.

What’s more, they can avail it free of cost.

Practice managers can manage information about several locations and provider lists. They use a new ‘bulk upload’ selection to submit files with data that is pre-populated in order to decrease the amount of profile information that each of the individual providers’ need to submit. Managers can obtain a comprehensive activity log and export history, besides corresponding provider activity.

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