Why Our Company Switched from YouTube to Wistia

We used to host all of our videos on YouTube. In fact, we have over 50,000 views on our Youtube channel! But after looking at alternatives, we have decided to use Wistia to host our videos from here on out. As a company, we believe that Wistia is a great switch for many reasons, including:

Medical Credentialing Wistia

Wistia’s user interface is beautiful. We, at credentialing.com, care a lot about our customers. We want to make sure that our customers and visitors have the best experience as possible when on our site. Wistia gets that.

We don’t have any ads or competitor videos showing up on our videos or appearing after our video plays.
We don’t hate Youtube, but ads can be annoying. If people are on our site, we don’t want to bombard them with advertisements. They will already see over 3,000 ads today – we try to save them from seeing unnecessary ads.

Our Videos are on OUR website, which is much better for SEO
This is a great advantage. We spend hours optimizing our site. We want to invite those who have never heard of us to find us. Our SEO strategy and Wistia fit hand in hand. We believe that we offer a product that is necessary, helpful, and advantageous.

Youtube vs. Wistia
There is a debate that has been going on in the video SEO space for a while having to do with where the best place is to post your videos for maximum optimization and visibility. We know that we are missing a “viral” component by not hosting with Youtube, but we don’t expect our credentialing videos to go viral. But if they do, visitors will find credentialing.com and not youtube.com

Don’t get me wrong. We spend many hours creating and editing these videos, but we want to help a niche. We know only medical professionals need medical credentialing.

For now, and as far an I can foresee, Wistia will be our video hosting solution.

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